An Introduction to Wincast Wagering for Punters

Wincast Wagers for Punters

Wincast wagers are most commonly used in Soccer stakes but they can be applied to all sports that have goalscorers and a team to win. They involve you predicting not just which squad will take first place but the name of the player to score at any point during the match.

Odds for these bets are lower than what those for Anytime Goalscorer and To Win would be if multiplied together because the two events you’re wagering on are not independent of one another.

What Goes into Wincast Staking

Let’s use an international game between Belgium and Brazil as an example. If the odds of Brazil to win the match are 6/5 and the odds of Dani Alves to score any time during the game are 4/1, then it would be logical to expect the odds of both these outcomes together in a Parlay bet to be 11/1.

But, because these events are not independent of one another, you won’t be able to make a Parlay wager that includes both results. Instead, the Wincast stake comes in, offering odds of roughly 13/2 on both these things happening.

When should I Place a Wincast Bet?

Wincast wagers can be very lucrative if you are confident in not just a team’s ability to win a match but a particular player to score, too. If you’re expecting a big performance from a striker, then a Wincast stake is the way to go. Because if the goalscorer does have a great game and scores at least one point there’s a great chance their team will win!

Another time you should seriously consider the Wincast bet is if the online bookmaker you’re signed up with, or are thinking of joining, is offering a Money Back Special. Certain sportsbooks make these offers on wagers that include Correct Score, Scorecasts, Wincasts, and other stakes that are more challenging to hit.

If there’s a Money Back Special going where, if Thiago Silva scores the first goal all losing WinCast bets will be refunded, that would make the Wincast 13/2 odds on Brazil to win and Alves to score that much more attractive!

Wincast Wager Strategies

Best Wincast Wager Strategies

We always suggest looking at teams’ winning percentages when a certain player scores before you place your Wincast stakes. If Brazil wins 80% of the time when Alves scores then the Wincast is a much better bet than the 4/1 wager on Silva scoring in the match.

This strategy is best known for working in the Soccer games from whence they derived, but there are other sports they apply well to. In Tennis, for example, you can use a Wincast to wager on the player to take the first game and the one to win the entire match. These stakes are a great option for Ice Hockey games as well.

Wincasts generally feature very lucratively odds but remember, this is directly related to the amount of risk you’re taking. Always have a look at competitors’ recent histories and bear in mind that players who are known for scoring goals will generally have a relatively predictable streak going.

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