AFL Betting Explained for New Bettors

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the only professional competition of Australian rules football. The AFL also serves as the only governing body of the sport. It is responsible for controlling the rules of the game and was previously called the Victorian Football League (VFL). The organization dates back to 1896.

Once the VFL wanted to expand outside of Victoria, it was decided that the name of the organization should reflect the fact that the organization was there to oversee the entire country in 1990. AFL has since become a major sport on which people place big bets. Let’s take a look at the most common kinds of AFL betting and how they work.

Margin betting

Simply put, all that AFL margin betting requires is that you bet on how much your selected team will win by. The bookkeeper creates a points margin by breaking up the number of possible outcomes. The bettor must select the correct winner and the correct margin in order to win. Depending on various factors, the margin can either be within a narrow points range or a broad one, ranging from one to 39 points. Margin betting is also occasionally referred to as “big win, little win” bets. Of course, the more money you place on a bet, the higher the stakes are.

Line betting

AFL line betting is slightly different from margin betting. In the former, the bookmaker handicaps a team by setting a margin. What this does is make the game equal. The margin is referred to as the line, and line betting only applies to AFL events where there are two possible outcomes. For example, if a bookmaker believes that one team is 10 points better than its opponent, the bookmaker can handicap that team 10 points. Essentially, a line bet is simply a bet that is made on a ‘pick your own line’ betting market.

Head to head betting

AFL head to head betting creates a market for two possible outcomes of a match: will one team win, or will the other? This is the most popular form of sports betting in the world. Very rarely, head to head betting can involve three possible outcomes. This happens when there is a distinct possibility of a draw. This kind of betting is very easy to understand and is favoured by bettors as it serves as a great way to show support for their favourite teams, while allowing for a very simple concept.

Live betting

AFL live betting is also referred to as in-play betting. This kind of betting allows for bettors to place their bets online during the game’s live event while using However, there is an important rule that stipulates that live bets can only be placed on games played over multiple days, where the play was stopped for any particular reason. While this works for AFL betting, it also works for almost every other sport, too. This includes cricket, golf, cycling and tennis, which makes live betting a popular form of betting for bettors to enjoy.

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