Maxims casino (Westcliff-on-sea)

Maxims Casino in Westcliff-on-sea on the Thames

Maxims casino in Westcliff-on-sea, or the Genting Club as it is also known, is a place to enjoy real money games, situated on Westcliff-on-Sea’s Western Esplanade, overlooking the Thames estuary at the waterfront there.

The very first Westcliff and Waterfront casinos were established in the 1970s, at Station Road’s Mill House. The present site, which used to be an open-air swimming pool, was taken over in 1987. It has since become the biggest provincial casino, and also the second largest one in all of Britain. Maxims casino was initially operated by Brent Walker, who then gave way to R J Brown Holdings. Genting UK eventually purchased it for an estimated £30 000 000.

Maxims Casino Features

Maxims casino provides a number of different slot machine games; electronic roulette terminals and table games. Players are able to enjoy American roulette; baccarat; three-card poker; blackjack and two-way Texas hold ‘em poker games as they wish to, among many others, as well as take refreshment at the restaurant overlooking the Thames estuary that is able to seat as many as 120 customers at any one time.

Only a very small portion of the Maxims casino building is used by the public: it actually does down three floors deep.

In November of 2007, two sister casinos, the Spielers and the Westcliff, were totally renovated by Genting Stanley in order to create the Southend Mint and Maxims clubs. Maxims casino underwent a further restoration in 2012 and has since become known as Genting Club Westcliff.

A Player Gets Lucky at Maxims Casino

A lucky player named Paul Bahbout managed to take home a £200 000 win in 2010 –a feat which managed to get him out of the disastrous debt issues he had been facing at the time of the win. This enormous windfall was secured at Maxims casino during a blackjack tournament that was being played across 12 casinos in the United Kingdom simultaneously. He mentioned planning the holiday of a lifetime to Dubai; Thailand and Las Vegas with some of the proceeds of this win, along with a few lucky friends, and hoped to ease the financial burden of a number of friends and family members with the remainder.

Mr Bahbout was unemployed at the time of this life-changing win, although he has spent the majority of his life managing restaurants and sports clubs. In order to secure the win with online roulette sites for Aussies, four aces in a single hand were required, and he had a side bet of £1 running, as part of the requirement for taking part in the tournament.

Spokeswoman for a gambling charity named GamCare added a word of warning to players down on their luck that may be tempted to bet more than they can afford to lose by the details of this story however, stating that gambling should always be treated as a hobby. A fun pastime that had walking away with a win as a bonus, not a necessity.

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