Review of Crockfords Land-Based Casino in London

Crockfords was originally a gentlemen’s club, established in London in 1828 and dissolved in 1845. It was one of the first clubs of its kind, centred on gambling, and enjoyed a dashing, wild reputation in those early years. It’s found was a gentleman by the name of William Crockford, hence the name, who gave Messrs Benjamin and Philip Wyatt the job of creating the most lavish temple to the pleasure of gentlemen that London had ever seen. The current casino, whilst making use of much of the original’s sumptuous imagery and upper-class reputation, is actually located at a totally different building, and calls 30 Curzon Street its home.

Information on the Crockfords Casino’s Owner

William Crockford was born in 1776, and began his working life paying his dues at his father’s fish shop. His mathematical ability stood him in good stead it seems, since he very quickly turned to gambling in his spare time, and in a relatively short period of time managed to amass a tidy sum of money –enough to introduce himself into the land of Regency Clubs.

He subsequently purchased a building in St James Street and opened his casino, naming it Crockford’s, and set to swindling the aristocracy in earnest. In the process he managed to amass an extraordinary fortune, acquiring residences like 11 Carlton House, which Prime Minister William Gladstone eventually called home, and the sumptuous Panton House in Newmarket.

The founder of what is today known as Crockfords casino married twice. The first wedding was to a Miss Mary Lockwood, in 1801, and the subsequent one to Sarah Douglas in 1812. He went on to father 14 children before passing away in May of 1844, and lies buried within his family vault, underneath London’s Chapel of Kensal Green Cemetery.

The Crockfords Casino Organisation Today

In an attempt to keep up with the development of modern technology, Crockfords casino has now made its services available online as well as continuing to offer these at their Mayfair residence. They employ a dedicated customer service team in order to assist online players with any part of the online process they may need help with, and offer their own exclusive software that stands apart from that which the more commonly found providers do. The online casino’s operations are regulated in Dominica.

There are a number of different games for online players to enjoy at Crockfords casino, including blackjack; American blackjack; American roulette; roulette; prestige power poker; casino stud poker; Mayfair slots and magic money maker slot machine games. They also make various special offers and VIP packages available for dedicated players, for example, AU internet gamblers get bonuses at

Crockfords casino offers monthly tournaments by means of their online site in which the individual cash prizes are divided across the prize fund’s total, and supports an array of banking options by which prospective players can deposit money with which to play into their online accounts. The games on offer have smooth graphics, and the Crockfords software allows for some interesting options for players to take advantage of, like being able to select not only a table, but a seat at the desired table as well.

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