Review of Tropic Reels Online Slots Machine Developed by Playtech

Tropic Reels is an online slot game that was created by leading software developers, Playtech. The graphics are bright and colourful and show a background view of a tropical jungle with lush greenery, exotic birds, insects and totems to represent the local inhabitants. The sound effects are authentic for both the jungle paradise theme and the online slot game.

The online slot game is set on a three reel and five row layout where each row is an individual pay line. Each position on the reels does however spin independently making this technically a fifteen reel online slot game. A maximum of five coins can be bet on each of the pay lines and each coins value ranges from a minimum denomination of 0.01 up to a maximum denomination of 5.00.

Game Play and Multi Spin Feature

Once the desired number of coins with their chosen value is decided upon the plus and minus buttons on the left of the Tropic Reels screen can be used to adjust and set the value of the coins. The bet one button will add one coin per click and the max bet will automatically place the maximum bet amount and automatically spin the reels. If the max bet feature is not selected the reels will only begin spinning by clicking on the spin button.

All winning combinations run from the furthest left reel and pay outs are paid according to the Tropic Reels pay table. The pay table button is found beneath the reels and is accessible at any time during the game. All winning combinations and their values or pay outs are displayed on the pay table. Pay outs are multiplied by the bet that is placed on the pay line and not the total bet. Multiple winning combinations landing on one spin are added together and paid out.

The Tropic Reels slot game offers a multi-spin feature where a selection of symbols or reels can be held while the remaining positions spin independently for a second time. This multi spin feature will come into play every time the reels stop spinning. Using the hold button beneath the reels or clicking on the specific symbols will hold the selected positions while the rest of the symbols spin again at

Tropic Reels Symbols and Pay Outs

The tiger symbols are the Tropic Reels wild symbols that will replace any of the regular symbols when a winning combination is possible. The tiger symbols are also the highest paying symbols that pay out 2 500 coins when three land on a pay line with the maximum bet in play. Three red birds, yellow birds and blue birds pay out 200 coins, 150 coins and 100 coins respectively while a mix of three bird symbols pay 20 coins. Three yellow, green and orange citrus fruit symbols pay out 75 coins, 50 coins and 25 coins respectively while a mix of any three citrus fruit symbols pay out 10 coins. A combination of any citrus fruit symbols and any bird symbols on a pay line pays out 5 coins. Three red frog symbols pay out 50 coins while three green frog symbols pay out 40 coins.

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