Scatter Symbols in Online Slots Machine Games

There are many different type of symbols found in online slots games. Some of these symbols are considered regular symbols, as they are there merely to form winning combinations. There are certain other symbols, however, that have a more complex function. They are often referred to as special symbols because they help increase the player’s chances of winning and also often help them to win larger payouts. For this reason, it is always important to be able to recognize these symbols and to know their value in the game. One of the most common special symbols found in online slots games is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is usually represented by an icon closely related to the theme of the game.

The Function of the Scatter Symbol and How They Are Used in Online Slots

Scatter symbols are very popular in modern slot machines and scatter symbols are commonly found in all types of online slot machines, including classic slots, progressive as well as non-progressive slots, bonus slots and gamble slots. In fact, it is unusual for an online slot machine game to not have at least one scatter symbol.

As mentioned above, the scatter symbol is included in the game to help the player improve his or her chances of winning. This symbols typically does not have a monetary value of their own, yet they often lead to increased payouts which are called scatter payouts.

One great thing about the scatter symbol is that it generally does not need to fall on an active payline for it to count. It can instead fall anywhere on the reels. In addition to providing scatter payouts, scatter symbols also have the ability to activate any bonus rounds that the online slot machine game has.

In most no deposit Dubai casino slot machine games, 3 or more of the scatter symbols found on the reels will trigger a bonus round. On the odd occasion you will only need to land 2 of the scatter symbols on the reels for this to happen. The majority of online slots have a free spins bonus round that is triggered when the scatter symbols appear on the reels. The more scatter symbols that appear generally translates to more free spins being awarded.

In more complex games, the scatter symbol will not merely trigger a free spins bonus round but can also activate other interactive bonus games that are typically related to the particular theme of the game. Bonus rounds are included as part of the game to help the player increase their winnings by generous amounts. For this reason the player can always be happy when several of the scatter symbols appear on the screen and trigger a bonus feature.

How to Tell if a Slot Has a Scatter Symbol

The paytable for the online slots game will immediately tell the player any information they need to know about the symbols used in the game, such as how much each winning combination pays out and which symbols pay out the most. It also includes information about any wild or scatter symbols that are in the game and which bonus features these special symbols unlock. The paytable is usually easily accessible from the home screen and it is recommended that the player looks it over before playing a slot for the first time.

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