Social Casinos Vs Online Casinos

Playing social casino games is a great way to interact with traditional casino games without having to bet any real money in order to play. It’s important to remember that this necessarily also means not winning any real money when you win. Games typically offered by social casinos include online Roulette, online Poker, online slots and even online Blackjack.

Social casino games are free to play. But since the companies offering social casino games to players obviously have a business to run and certain expenses to cover, they typically offer in-game purchases. This basically means that when a player runs out of his or her hourly, daily or weekly lot of allocated coins, they may opt to buy more instead of waiting for a scheduled refill. When choosing to refill ahead of schedule, the player will have to fork out real money for the coins requested.

The Social In Social Casino

Since social casino games are all about playing your favourite casino games with old friends and new, players will usually be afforded the option of requesting additional coins from friends. This means than even when in need of a coin refill, getting more coins ahead of schedule doesn’t necessarily have to cost real money.

But saving money isn’t the only benefit to be had from playing with friends. Since most social casinos allow players to make use of a ‘chat’ function for the purpose of interacting with other players, social playing with friends are a great way to socially interact with one another whilst having casino games gun. Sharing a virtual Poker or virtual Blackjack table can be a whole lot of friendly fun! Not to mention a great way to make new friends who share the same interests.

They’re Almost Always Legal

Another fantastic benefit of playing games at a social casino is that games that don’t require real-money bets aren’t classed as real casino games. This means that even in jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal, social casinos remain legally above board. This means that those who love playing online casino games will still get to play all of their favourite table games and online slots.

Social casino games are for this very reason also easier to locate when downloading games from online mobile stores like Google Play. Since the Play store doesn’t allow online gambling games, it can in certain countries become tricky to gain access to card games and online slots. But since social casino games don’t classify as real online gambling games, they are freely available from stores such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store (iOS).

Practice Makes Perfect

Playing social casino games is a great way to sharpen up on skills without having to “pay” for the privilege of doing so. This is obviously great news to anyone eager to learn the rules and tricks of a game they haven’t played before.

Since social casino games are played by the same rules as real online gambling games, they’re a great way to practise before next heading down to a real casino with friends.,

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