Top Tips for Betting on Boxing

Boxing is a historical and widely appreciated sport. It’s also a favourite for bettors, who have been making predictions about its top winners for centuries!

There are plenty of notable boxing events on the yearly calendar that offer great opportunities for bettors and fans. Boxing might not have as many predictive statistics as other popular sports, but this also makes it easier for bettors of all levels of skill to enjoy!

Here are the boxing betting tips you need to make the most of this popular sport.

#1: Find a Reliable Sportsbook

The sportsbook you choose to register with can make or break your boxing betting success. Use the many guides and reviews available online to select a sportsbook that offers competitive odds, great boxing match coverage, and generous sign-up bonuses.

Do they have the best features available? Do they offer a mobile app and live betting services? These factors will ensure that you always have matches to wager on, and that those bets have the best chances of bringing you solid returns.

#2: Understand Boxing Bet Types

Boxing is first and foremost a moneyline sport. This means that you should learn how to read moneyline odds to make the most of your wagers.

The moneyline is a bet based on who will outright win an event. If you believe that boxer B will beat boxer A, you should place a straight-up moneyline bet on boxer B. The odds here are very straightforward:

Boxer A: -120 ($120 bet wins $100)
Boxer B: +160 ($100 bet wins $160)

Boxer A is the favourite in this scenario, while Boxer B is the underdog.

#3: Watch Key Statistics

There are three major stats that you should watch out for to make the most accurate boxing bets possible. These are:

  • Total jabs in each round
  • Number of punches thrown and landed
  • and total number of power punches per round.

Each boxer’s record of these statistics can be used to estimate how well they will perform in a round. This is not a guaranteed indicator of their future performances, but can still be used to guess their chances of success.

#4: Explore Other Betting Styles

Aside from the moneyline, there are a number of other betting styles that are popular among boxing bettors. Some enjoy betting on the over/under in matches, while others choose to place prop bets. The former option regards to bets placed on whether the fight will last through all rounds or end during a specific one.

Prop bets can include method of victory bets, wagers on the length of the fight, and even bets on which round a fight will end in. Essentially, a prop bet is any novel wager placed on the likelihood of a certain outcome taking place.

#5: Manage Your Bankroll

You should always keep an eye on your finances when betting for real money. Set yourself a firm budget according to what you can realistically afford, and only place wagers according to those limits!

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