Introduction to Coyote Cash Online Slot Casino Game

Coyote Cash is an online casino slot game that will appeal to fans of both the Wild West, and classic cartoons. Both the general imagery and the symbols are made up of cartoon characters unique to Coyote Cash. Symbols of a lower value are made up of the traditional slot symbols, such as playing cards. Symbols of the cartoon characters themselves are of higher value, with some symbols representing the scatter and wilds.

Playing Coyote Cash

Coyote Cash gameplay is easy to pick up and play for those new to the slot genre, while experienced players will find the base gameplay similar to most other casino Games. 25 paylines alongside 5 reels allow for a large number of potential winning combinations, and Coyote Cash features a progressive jackpot that activates after any paid spin. This jackpot is known as a Random Jackpot, which is a common jackpot found across many Real Time Gaming slot games.

Making a bet is the first options players will want to look at when starting a new game of Coyote Cash. The higher the bet, the higher the potential winnings that can be claimed after every spin. Bets made, players can begin spinning the reels, and wins are received when a winning combination of symbols is landed. Bonus wins can be earned through the special features that can be activated during regular gameplay of Coyote Cash, and this is accentuated by the various scatters and symbols that also have a chance of landing.

Coyote Cash Wild

The wild symbol in Coyote Cash is represented by the titular Coyote. Landing a wild is almost always beneficial, as the wild can act as a substitute for almost all the other symbols in the game. In other words, if the player is only one symbol off from winning a round, the wild can potentially complete the combination and give the player the win. The only symbol in the game that isn’t affected by the wild is the scatter symbol.

Coyote Cash Scatters

The large bag of money symbol in Cash Coyote acts as the scatter, and landing it on reels 3 or more of these scatters activate the bonus feature. The bonus feature comes in the form of a multiplier that is added to the total winnings of that round. The bag of coins is animated, and coins will spill out of the bag when the scatter has been landed.

The number of scatters directly correlates to the multiplier, with more scatters landing awarding a higher multiplier, up to a maximum of 5 possible scatters. The scatters can also be used to activate the free spins bonus. Furthermore, if the player manages to land another set of scatter symbols during the free spins, an entirely new set of free spins is added to the player’s total available free spins. This can accumulate, meaning the player is able to earn a large number of free spins throughout gameplay.

Coyote Cash in Conclusion

Coyote Cash is one of the simplest online slot games available to play, but thanks to the fast pace, colourful characters and animation, and progressive jackpot, Coyote Cash will be a favourite for many.

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