The Definitive Guide To Blackjack Pro High Limit for Beginners

Blackjack Pro High Limit is a version of online Blackjack that is in essence the same as the original game, except for the wager amounts. Blackjack Pro High Limit can be found in online and mobile casinos hosted by various countries, and can be accessed by most of the world’s population using either a computer or mobile device.

Blackjack Pro High Limit provides players with a more adrenaline filled experience as the wagers are high and in many instances the game is played with three decks of cards. This is not a game that is recommended for beginners. This is only a game that experts should play due to the high limits

Where to play Blackjack Pro High Limit

Blackjack Pro High Limit is an online variant of the original game Blackjack, you wont be able to find it in your local brick and mortar casino. To play the game you will have to search for an online casino that offers it. To do this you need either a computer or a mobile device, and an internet connection.

Make sure that your internet connection is stable as most casinos will not refund you should you lose signal during a game. If you are using a computer, search in your web browser for Blackjack Pro High Limit.

A number of online casinos will come up. It is recommended that you do some research on your chosen casino before committing any real money to it. Once you are satisfied with your casino, open an account with them and go to the home page. Find Blackjack Pro High Limit and enter a game.

With a mobile device you can either follow the steps laid out above using your web browser, or you can search in your app store for Blackjack Pro High Limit and download the software that is hosted by an online casino. Again, be sure to do some research before committing anything. Once you have downloaded the software, you simply find it on your home page and open it to play.

Rules of Blackjack Pro High Limit

The rules to Blackjack Pro High Limit are in essence the same as those for regular blackjack, except that the game is often played with three decks of cards and much higher buy ins. To begin you are required to place a bet by clicking on the chip amount that you wish to wager.

Remember that because this is Blackjack Pro High Limit there will be a very high minimum bet. You can increase and decrease your bet by clicking on the Bet button. Once you are satisfied with your wager, and all other players in the game have placed their bets, the dealer, who is almost always a computer, will deal out two cards to every player, face down.

As in regular blackjack online players now look at their cards, and make the decision to Stand or Hit, based on the total value of their hand. The object is to get as close to the number 21 as possible. Number cards are worth their value, face cards are worth ten, and an Ace is worth either 1 or 11.

Should your hand be nowhere near 21, you can ask for another card, by clicking on the Hit button. This can be done until you are satisfied with your hand, and Stand, or go over 21 and Bust. If you Bust, you lose. The dealer now reveals his hand and hits until he is over 17 or busts. The closest hand to 21 wins.

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